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Kort til mormor! :)

Mamma ringte meg med en bestilling, et kort til mormor som skulle få bursdagsgaven sin på forskudd til sin 80 års dag. Så da var det bare å sette igang. Det blei en del riving og pussing denne gangen. Men til slutt følte jeg jo at det passet til en 80 års bursdag likevel, eller hva syns dere der ute??

* * *

My mom called me, and asked if I could make a card for my grandmother who would receive her birthday gift in advance , for her 80 years birthday. It was just to get started right away. There was some tearing and sanding down this time. But in the end I felt it became suitable for a 80-year birthday anyway, or what do you think out there??

Mormor_bestilling#1 -- resized_blogg
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I have taken some detail-photos as well this time:
Mormor_bestilling#1_detalj1 -- resized_blogg

Mormor_bestilling#1_detalj2 -- resized_blogg

Mormor_bestilling#1_detalj3 -- resized_blogg

The inside:
Mormor_bestilling#2 -- resized_blogg
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A little closer:
Mormor_bestilling#2_detalj -- resized_blogg

Mormor_bestilling#3_detalj -- resized_blogg
The butterfly is made by using some white dabber paint on top of a stencil. Afterwards I embossed it with Utee thick Embossing powder. It became a exalted and smooth surface to touch on.

The backside:
Mormor_bestilling#4 -- resized_blogg
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And at last I have to show that the card became waaay too thick, so I wasn't able to close it. So I had to find some blonds to tie it together with.... :)
Mormor_bestilling#5 -- resized_blogg

Mormor_bestilling#5_detalj -- resized_blogg

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2 kommentarer:

Skaubytrollet sa...

woooow... for et lekkert og forseggjort kort... *dåner*

Renate Olsen sa...

Takk takk, snuppa!!! :D